The Good Life - Weezer

When I Look In The Mirror I Can't Believe What I See
Tell Me Who's That Funky Dude Starin' Back At Me

Broken Beaten Down Can't Even Get Around
Without An Old Man Cane I Fall And Hit The Ground
Shivering In The Cold I'm Bitter And Alone

Excuse The B_tchin' I Shouldn't Complain
I Should Have No Feeling 'cuz Feeling Is Pain
As Everything I Need Is Denied Me
And Everything I Want Is Taken Away From Me
But Who Do I Got To Blame Nobody But Me

I Don't Wanna Be A Old Man Anymore
It's Been A Year Or Two Since I Was Out On The Floor
Shakin' Booty Makin' Sweet Love All The Night
It's Time I Got Back To The Good Life
It's Time I Got Back It's Time I Got Back
'n I Don't Even Know How I Got Off The Track
I Wanna Go Back Yeah

Screw This Crap I've Had It I Ain't No Mr Cool
I'm A Pig I'm A Dog So 'scuse Me If I Drool
I Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody Ain't Gonna Cause A Scene
I Just Need To Admit I Want Sugar In My Tea
Hear Me I Want Sugar In My Tea

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