73-C - Coalesce

Rape this identity, for you canvas.
Hatred and misconception, your mediums.
You paint credibility away.
Mark I may, but stained, I'm not.
In a rage of green venom is spat.
To uphold what order?
P.C. mentality, come belittle me.
The only barrier to compassion, the one that you uphold.
Politics on a kindergarten level.
Expression has no place here.
I have no grasp on this.
What wasn't said.
If we blind our eyes the blood still runs red.
We possess nothing other than a lust for peace.
So now we are liable to learn from history.
With human factor, learn we must.
Fear revolution.
Violence, our most basic function.
Why should we hide from instinct if there is pain to end?
Self- proclaimed lovers.
Would they condemn us the same?
What wasn't said.
If we deafen our ears, the screams still echo on.
If there is such a thing as content in apathy, then this you have achieved.
Desensitized consumers, veto these dollar votes.
Fear is no excuse, not anymore.

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