A Disgust for Details - Coalesce

If you leave me to be the outsider looking in, then I
am finally home. I have a name and it isn't guilt.
That never moved me an inch. If common sense and
common decency aren't enough then leave me behind and
consider yourself weeded out. If you have the taste
for guilt and feed on lies then leave me behind and
consider me sold out. And this sell out will keep
screaming with the voice to push you to violence.
Every word proof you can't handle any different. Every
blow proof that you have no intentions of equality. If
you make decisions color-based and call that power
then leave me behind and I won't say a word. I'll just
wait until you kill yourselves over nothing but flesh
one thing's sure to die. As political trends keep
coming, demanding godlessness. I'll just continue
forward, my only intention all along. So look
somewhere else for revolution. My disgust for details
is nothing revolutionary

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