Vehicle - Coalesce

Wheels turn crush me, I am the machine
Heaven helps those who forget to dream I see a spark, great is what we are
Eyes toward my reward, compensated for I am no one.
I am nothing. Mold me, make me into something you find worth in, deem special I am no one.
I am nothing. And I'm sure I'll remember the love this brings me
By the glass cuts on my feet Fate damns, guides me into life's fear and shame
Bully into submission, it's the only thing that keeps me sane
I will never break free I don't want to break free
Comfort in my tortures, there must be a reward I sold myself out to you
You told me that you were truth
Use me as your new disease I just need to please I live, die, kill just for you
My self-esteem I remove
Cut me and bleed me dry I can serve just let me try
Mold me into what you want me to be I can't stand this, I feel removed
I feel remorse for my understanding
Take me, change me into something...

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