A New Language - Coalesce

"I run with the pack, with every freedom. I am god,
selfishness embodied strong enough to build this
mountain. A barrier you're cowardly to call by it's
proper name." I am a man who screams aloud as for I am
nothing, humility exercised honest enough to humble
any man who seeks peace. And I call it by its name.
"jealousy" It turns the kindest of men green with rage
and eats them from inside. I've climbed your mountain
and found it to be no more than a mole hill compared
to the hate you harbor for christ. I'd call it by it's
name if it had one. Rebellion against faith based on
it's failed followers. A rotting fool tied upon our
necks that carry the blood of the crusades and the
misunderstanding of homosexuality. Ammo, nothing but.
A different time and a different language for a
different people. Where morals were a foundation and
not controversial. I am a man who's screamed for far
too long and near the end of his rope. .

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