A Safe Place - Coalesce

A salty fist in my chest. Please no explanation, its
your time
to be angry now. Could I possibly be so
selfish as to take that away? To
compare myself. I'm
so miserably pathetic and helpless again. I'm so
lying next to you, in this cold sweat of
mine. My sympathizing, however
honest, still a
belittlement. I can't heal a thing. What god is
I can only hold your hand. Live.
Dehydrated, nothing pacified. You can
yourself. Tools of your trade, survival. It's the only
place left anymore. But can you tell me, are
you here now? Is my touch
touching you, or that tool
of yours? I saved all the debt for you, you're
in debt. You're broken wings I have taken on to mend
and right now I'd
do the same onto you if it would
change a thing. If I could cripple your mind
If it were my place. Grant her the wings, grant her
the gift to cope.
You leave her no choice than to
steal her birthright. Children don't cry
tears of
guilt for the sins of their predators.

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