Did It Pay The Rent? - Coalesce

Did it pay the rent? Did it bring her back? Did it win
the race? Was it worth the price of becoming his
whore? And her yours but you just wanted her back. She
is yours. She was only on loan. America forgot her
face. But we sure as hell didn't forget yours. We did
not win, but time is money and money is power. We did
not win just like he planned so move along. So it's
true. He did do her just like daddy did. With
deception in his pocket. He sold her. I'm the victim
here. I've got this tragedy. I'm the victim here. I've
got political power. You disgraced her memory one last
time. And ten strikes for the one who told us all to
f_ck off. So what does it matter? You are still a
bitter tool in bed with him, a tired whore. I'm the
victim here. I'm getting paid. I'm the victim here.
I'm collecting. A celebration of politically correct's
rebirth. A new liberal celebrity to save us all from
ourselves and lead us to right. A CELEBRATION OF

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