My Love for Extremes - Coalesce

Farewell friend until tomorrow. Where you are still
nitpicking our diets and names. The potential is still
there yet it's somehow unexpected. I'll show you
courage if you show me responsibility. Something lost
long ago in trying to please everyone. In pleasing
ourselves. If it feels good it must be right. Right?
So what's a child? A fetus or kink in sexual
revolution and what am I? A threat, a kink in
political consistency. More name games and more
personal choice. So where's mine? Or are you to deal
me such luxuries. Call me what I am and mean every
word. Be prepared to take yours. You see you're not
along. I'll show you responsibility if you show me
reasoning. Something you never possessed. You always
coveted anger and vengeance. But for what? One less
bite, one less burden. I'm sick of being the bastard.
Keep your fight and know i'll keep mine.

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