On Being a Bastard - Coalesce

He took on a shade of green long ago. And many a fool
along the way have been lost to this. I know you can't
afford to be wrong. And we can't either. We want it
back. I can't afford to lose you. But that's not what
this is about. If love ever had a second name it's
attachment. And if you had an ounce of common sense
you would be witness to this. but try your best not to
be of this world. Fly with the rest of your glassy
eyed angels. Straight to heaven gate and don't forget
your spare change to horde and render useless. Gold
was always more valuable than bread in the stomachs of
the starving. And you dare say I'm godless (filthy)
less evolved, sure to be stuck in my rut. Well I say
you're gutless. The first in line to be our rip off
artist. The first to change your name to push more
product. We finally got it back from the clutches of
absurdity. And our bond is measured by nothing. No
books, no rounds, no quotas, and certainly not by how
many units sold. I tell you krishna's dead to me along
with my love for extremes. I tell you krishna's dead!
So tell me to go to hell for all I care. Life without
love is no different. I've been there and it offered
no hope. Dead is dead.

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