On Their Behalf - Coalesce

Desperation, you've tempted me on too many times for
me to
turn my back on you again. I lust for your
gift to ease the pain for us all.
Accept the fact
that their death can prevent our fears. Not the plot
cowardice, but the birth of a saviour. Acceptance
of a martyr's role.
Extricate these demons from
sight. Risking life and limb. Vigil martyr, set
foundation of tolerance at any extreme. Even the price
of suicide. Even a
price so high as this. The seas
of love must part to act on their behalf. For
we weep, they still rape, raping our patience for
change. Off the hook
for feigned insanity, but not
off the hook from the public. In the media and
the flesh, a crucifixion will be in order, a
celebration of politically
correct's death. We will
dance with our children once again. Their security

is reinstated by this bastard's sacrifice.

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