One on The Ground - Coalesce

She's got one foot on the ground. That's one more than
before her day. Just crawl back and swallow your pride
like so many pills before this. Girl speak you must
know something more. I know that you must feel
something for your presence is coming chilly. Your
motions sadly sober now. Please let yourself cry.
Prove your miserable existence and I'll believe. I'll
confess my sin. Choking on the manipulation of
another. Roaming on the plane of no bother. The child
spoke the truth. "I can't believe I'm dead." So why
bother us now. You knew everything except the price of
haste, so hold your breath to hold his hand. I'm here
so where are you? Everything was lost overhead. Above
the mantle in the depression. Not a single memory to
burn in this betrayal. At least nothing that I can
reach. I am still standing, still staring at your
child rolling, playing in your husband's stain. Would
you make a token for your son of what's left of his
teeth pried from the plaster. If he found the weakness
to surrender to pain, can you find the strength to
search for him. I am here so where are you. I am still
here and I need you.

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