This is The Last - Coalesce

My throat falls numb from the endless execution of
contempt's song. It fails to follow suit in silence
even now. I can hear every word. Leave this place. If
only you could just be half as hateful if only I could
still take you with a grain of salt I could fake some
respect and hide the pity. For what I once feared is
now somehow down on my level. I never claimed to see
through another's eyes. I could never inflict such
abuse upon myself honestly. Honest in a sense that I'm
willing, but such intensity is dulled with age.
Leaving me some spoiled child. I'll take it in stride,
with every cheep shot landed. I took it without
crying. Now shut the f_ck up. I've always sang the
cowards song. I've never claimed to be, anything but.
Like father like son. We'll find an easy way I'll fly
so high, to no longer hear the hisses of hatred
ringing in my head. Selfishly sober in spite of you.
I'll never be the man to which you compare me.
Selfishly sober in spite of them. You boast I'm dead
to you and I in turn agree. I turned a deaf ear on
you, I knew the rest. Sob stories were never my strong
suit. Now just as threatening as I'll let you be. I
keep a short rope, and a shorter fuse. For the one who
love's who? I won't leave this place. So boast I'm
dead to you, with dying breath. I can't hear a thing.
I never could. F_ck your apologies. I've tolerated
your last death threat. I don't condone the likes of
anyone so keep your word and consider me

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