What Happens on The Road Always Comes Home - Coalesce

We all know why you are still hanging on to
this.Eitehr to Run away from your family or to be
something you can no longer be. I think maybe time has
caught up with you and it's time to get your
priorities straight. And to take what you've learned
and pass it down. And those old men, they lied to us.
What happens on the road always comes home, and if it
didn't, then there is no point other than narrowly
avoiding divorce three or so times a year. With no
life lived to show for it. Sometimes, I want to live
again, just like the kids I traveled with. Oh, so much
more to do, so much more to see. But, I think maybe
time has caught up with me. You see, when her eyes
light up, it all seems so trivial to ever leave again.
I will never leave again.

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