Where The Hell is Rick Thorne These Days? - Coalesce

Where the hell is Rick Thorne anyway? It must be five
or so years sicne I've heard a good story. Very few
are those that can back up the big talk. But you see,
Rick, he never talked, he just left us in the dust.
There are always those to b_tch about the status quo,
but he just blended in and tore it down from the
inside. And made all of you whiny b_tches look like
fools. They're made of brass, son. Growing up young
with the idea to never give up, I always challenged
that and he burned me. He burned me, don't you ever
give up. I bet the photo of that fat kid is still in
you. With the story of wanting to be told to another
brat just like me. I never stopped thinking about how
much you overcame with a simple "f_ck you." A focus on
just exactly what you wanted to be. I hope my kids
know someone just like you.

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