Drama - Dave

Like man was sayin', bruv
Many nights man prayed, bruv
Send man someone who's gonna help me
Through this, man
Someone's gonna help bring me out of this sh_t, you know
Time, just took a while for man to recognize, boy
Who He was gonna send
And, you know what, mans, I'm very proud
Very happy to say it's one of my own, innit, you know
And, boy, but oh, none of this is easy, you know
Just proud to be, to be witnessing what's goin' on, man, you know

Ptshh, look, I don't know where to start
But I just done my first psychodrama
And I hope the world hears my craft
I'm excited, man, I pray you get to hear my craft
For my childhood on, mother didn't hear me laugh
I'm presentin' you the future, I don't fear my past
I ain't got a tattoo anywhere near my arms
But best believe on my sleeve is where I wear my heart

Do you know how easy it is to be a sinner?
How many losses you need before you can be a winner?
Reason with a criminal that needs to eat a dinner
Is it survival of the fittest or is he a killer?
Losing Dad was big, losing you was even bigger
Never had a father and I needed you to be the figure
We're foregettin' we had a brother that was even bigger
We were figures just tryna figure out who could be a figure

My brothers never spoke to each other when I was growin' up
I remember tryna build a bridge, I wasn't old enough
I pray I'll hold the game for as long you man can hold a grudge
Years went by
I know it's f_cked how I had to hold it up for Mummy on my own
I know it's tough, I got the coldest blood
I remember when you got sentenced and I was throwin' up
It's like they took a piece of my freedom when I had opened up

I'd just lost the only f_ckin' person that I idolized for my entire life
I copied you down to the finest line
Bro, I got a flame in my mind that I'm tryna fire-fight
The pill I had to swallow wasn't bitter, it was cyanide
I learned over time, separation issues I describe
Are probably the reason that I struggle feelin' anything
I ain't got a vision of a marriage or a wedding ring
It's world domination in music or it ain't anything
I'm obsessed, focused on the objective 'til it done, yes
Disagree, I object
Used to treat my women like an object
Girls want a monster? Come and see
I'm the Lough-Ness
Settle for a lot less
I just hope you're proud of me, brother
It's been a long stretch

You're my hero
Prior to this, I was livin' on the edge like a house on a cliff
But now I'm livin' in the present like my house was a gift
I'm goin' psycho
This scene's mine, bro
Rappers wanna dis' me
It's only online, though
They put the mic and soft in the Microsoft
Not I, bro
Swimmin' only time I can lie, though
And let me be genuine
Anybody richer my age is American
Kickin' ball or inherited
It only makes sense I'm independent
Knowing everything it happened how I'm tellin' it
You n_ggas aren't gettin' it
I'm comin' from the struggle, I survived and I'm still here
Used to bump train, that's two ways, I don't feel fair
I don't know trust, I know a tight bond will tear
Like a good wig, I can't tell you if it's real hair
I'm from South London, brother, people gettin' killed here
You can make a mill', but you can lose it if you're still here
I lost over thirty grand to family, I'm still here
The word don't appeal to me, you steal from me, I'm still here

Bro, I wasn't made for this
I don't get a break, but I'm aware of what breakin' is
I wish you could take a hint as well as you can take the piss
I don't even speak to our brother, man, I just pray for him
It's never too late for him
Life is at its craziest
Rules started cavin' in
All the things I've seen would turn a atheist atheist
I didn't get ninety-nine marks in English, I was fakin' it
I got ninety-eight, 'cause I don't know what a "vacation" is
If you saw God, what would you say to Him?
If given a chance , would you have taken it?
If you could rewind time, what would you change in it?
Do you believe in what an angel is?
Furthermore, do you believe in what the Devil is?
Do you believe that I could illustrate what Streatham is
Then break the fourth wall and base Leslie on my relatives?
I'm grateful for my life, because I aimed for this
Every bad moment, every single f_ckin' day of this
People lookin' at me, that's what fame can bring
But to understand the stairs, you take steps, then retrace the sh_t
I told my circle the future's ours, we're shapin' it
The past is just the reason that I came to this
I thank God for the pain, because it made me this

Dunno if you remember them days, bruv
I see them days, one night in particular, bruv
I think, um, for some reason man put on a beat
It was us in the front room
Freestylin', bar for bar
I don't even know how old you was these times, bruv
Probably about, mmm, ten, ten, nine
Yeah, man, when I think about it now
I think about the transition
Them days there, you had no bars
But let's be real, did anyone, bruv?
You know what I mean, it's called context, bruv
But, it was mad fun, bruv
But the stuff nowadays today, it's proper, man
You know what I mean, man
I think man's definitely blessed
See how the whole thing's come together
Sometimes when I think it was Jekyll and Hyde, man
You played man, that one there
I was thinkin, "Yo, this one her's a banger, bruv
And I remember when I heard that one
Live on the, on the airwaves for the first time, bruv
Man was pumpin' it
Man come to my door, he said, "Bro, man!
Let's have it large, you know"
I was like, "Fam, that's my brother"
He was like, "Yeah?"
And you know, on your birthday, man sent you a little card
And it begins: 'Jesse made seven of his sons pass before Samuel
But Samuel said to him, "The Lord has not chosen these"
So he asked Jesse, "Are these all the sons you have?"
"There is still the youngest," Jesse answered
"But he is tending the sheep"
Samuel said, "Send for him
We will not sit down until he arrives"
So he sent for him and had him brought in
He was ruddy and of fine appearance and handsome features
Then the Lord said, "Rise and anoint him
He is the one"'
Bro, you know what that means
Say no more, man

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