Psycho - Dave

Tuesday, twenty third of January
I'm here with David
This is our first session
We're just gonna talk about your background
Where you're from, any issues you've been dealing with
So, where should we start?

Stop all the pain
How do you stop all the pain, huh?
I used to hear a voice when I was praying
But nowadays I don't even wanna be saved, nah
F_ck that, I don't wanna be saved
I was born to be wild, I don't wanna be tame
Penance in my blood and I don't wanna be vain
But if I'm a psycho then I don't wanna be sane
I used to dream of this sh_t when I was hoppin' on train
So, so bad I used to want all the fame
My ex-girl wanna shoot a cover for Vogue
Which is pretty ironic 'cause she's top of the range
If anyone of you take a shot on the track
My n****s come back and put a shot on your frame
Easy as the alphabet
3 G's in the ring, call me Alvarez
My teacher used to say I need counseling
Couldn't stop asking me, "What do you feel?"
There's so many old scars that they wanna reveal
We got off on the wrong foot 'cause I don't want them to heal
Nah, but if you're looking for a psycho, you got one
I thought I had a screw loose but I lost one
99 problems, money it is not one
My currency's Kenyan, that's in it for the long run
Tears on the pillow
Bruh, I shed so many tears on the pillow
I used to tell my teachers but nobody gets it
I don't know Clark but I know that I'm a kiddo
'Cause my mummy ain't been home, miss thinks I'm involved
Blame my environment, it made me a sicko
Furthermore, I should bring that b_tch down to Streatham
And then make her spend a day in the Vale like a widow
Kiddo, we see swords longer than a limo
My bros have black Smiths like Jayden and Willow
Man, there's weapons over here, we're reppin' over here
I'm from the south side but it's Streatham over here
No tellin' if you're sellin', hold the wettin' over here
Get him over here
Who the f_ck is checkin' over here?
Most my n****s are the ones applying pressure over here
F_ck a soul, I can get a n***a peppered over here
What? We wanted more, there's a feud on the strip
While movin' a brick
My n****s went to school with the rich and we were broke
Hiding crow in a Rubicon drink
Which is funny 'cause that's how we put food in the fridge
It weren't mine

Someone tryna live his best life
I just wanna take a pretty woman for a test drive
If I bring her to my room and I press
I guarantee she gonna see the force like a ex-wife
People tell me I'm a little bit barmy
For my army I need a bottle of Bacardi
If it's me and a pouch with my doggy
Shawty, you're seein' two stars in the party
F_ck all your heard
I'm top boy and I ain't givin' man a turn
I don't wanna know when pretty women wanna flirt
Learn, you can judge a n***a by the women that he curves
I love this game, I ain't lost focus
I'm a hit maker if you haven't noticed
I could be the rapper with a message like you're hoping
But what's the point in me being the best if no one knows it?
Brother I'm a careful, humble, reckless, arrogant
Extravagant, n***a probably battlin' with manic depression
Man, I think I'm going mad again
It's like I'm happy for a second, then I'm sad again
And to my fans, the reason I could get to this
You're my drug, the instrumental, my therapist
Man, I need some therapy
My girl sayin' that she'll never leave
I'm scared she's gonna find a better me
Deep insecurities
Like, what if I don't leave a legacy
Money why they check for me
Mummy lost respect for me
I wish that we could be together but that ain't how life works
I used to cry about my dad until my f_ckin' eyes burned
Nose runnin'
You don't know nothin'
Before I put a penny on the table, I provided for my family
Held my mother's hand through the agony
Hey, you ever fall asleep 'cause you don't wanna be awake
In a way you're tired of the reality you face?
If you're thinkin' 'bout doin' it
Suicide doesn't stop the pain, you only move it
Lives that you're ruinin'
Thoughts of a world without you in it
I ain't psycho, but my life is

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