Centurion - Earl Sweatshirt feat Vince Staples

[Intro: Vince Staples]
I feel like the Tom Sawyer for real n_ggas
Looking for a problem, revolver under the Hilfiger
No bluff needed, we will kill n_ggas
So try me if you want, bruh, I promise I'm with all of that
Late night shooters, got 'em thinking Johnny Carson back
Trying to win this white man game with my heart attack
All off a dollar and a dream that I really had
Kind of hard to sleep when your thoughts is in the streets
North north is the side where my family stay
Big Baby Jesus, I can't wait
Money coming in, spend it all on guns and rims
I ain't nothing but a n_gga, ain't no reason to pretend

[Verse 1: Earl Sweatshirt]
Kept the sticky in the Stussy pouch
Ski mask, bloody 'Preme hoodie tossing doobies out
The window of the hoopty, night black as Paul
Mooney at the movies but the moon was out
Food was always optional
Eating nothing but hard punches to that abdominal
Closed fist chronicles, sole sniff momma knew
Baggies laying 'round, peanut shells at a carnival
Stomping clowns, welcome p_ssy n_ggas to the romper room
Buckshot'll cover a whole torso like a parka do
In a park at 2 clock trying to guard her loot
Split it with his big roll dog, call him Marmaduke
Searching for a shard of truth and found uh
Couple bucks bought his cousins lunch
Another Dutch, stiff collar on the b_tton-up
Hood, rich, wild, and 'bout to run amuck
Road to hell paved with cement, cut the trucks and drugs, toughen up

[Hook: x2]
Alright, okay
If that's how you truly feel about it then

[Verse 2: Earl Sweatshirt]
Vinny Stape, they stupid, think the city safe
Into that little bendy place, head shots, red dot
Block as hot as Denny plates, fed watch, Fed watch
Opinions only pity based, deep in the Civic with the
Evilest n_ggas this side of the Mississippi
All courtesy of Vincent from n_ggas who plot a ditch
Ear-L-double-S, hear shells from the Tec
Hear rim full-effect, eat a d_ck and cut a check, b_tch
Few n_ggas I'm on a first-name basis with
Address me by the alias, that trunk weighted like he
'Bout to catch a case again, Ace louder than the voice of
Satan that be plaguing him, bruh, I'm caking
Whether Hell or bad weather, high water, I'm a sailor-type
Assailant for the paper, living like I met the maker twice
Hit it 'til I'm faded right? Mami, take a hike
And treat it like you f_cking shaking dice, b_tch


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