Wool - Earl Sweatshirt feat Vince Staples

[Vince Staples:]
Soon as I catch the vibe tell 'em to fetch the hearse
Shorty I'm pressin' lines lifting the Lauren shirt
Tell her to bless the girth if she with it
I'm in that kitchen, wrist water whippin'
Sike n_gga, I don't do that
N_ggas get blue blacked and blown away
Wessons making Mexicans wetbacks like orale
Okay, I'm on to something
Momma should've told you it'd be days like this
It's just a tale from the crip
I'm on my seance sh_t, I'm tryna' make a million dollars
Keep it hood while crossing over on some A.I. sh_t
I need a foreign baby momma to match a n_gga model whip
Ramona Park made me from scratch
A lot of lotto picks lost in this game called rap
I be the underdog
Bullet hit his forehead, it exit out his under arm
Ain't nobody bigger than my hood, my n_gga, f_ck a boss
Baby momma killer, you offended and I f_ck her raw
Stretchy doin' federal time for bustin' at the law
And he gonna be a neighbor of mine, you played me for a pawn
Shorty I be swimmin' with sharks, your posse full of prawns
Pistols rip his body apart, now he afraid of dark alleyways
N_ggas better listen to what the pastor say

[Earl Sweatshirt:]
It's golf on that.. b_tch, it's golf on that ball cap
I guzzle the tall boy, Jehovah ain't call back
And ya'll still debating over Earl music
Troops got the group nationwide moving merch units crazy
Peanut b_tter to paisley, walking down the street
In the different color McGrady's, that first grader was me
Now my fist full of splifs and an old baker receipts
B_tches grip the stick and jerky like cold shanks of the beef, dry
I'm taking purses like they chances in the evening
Pick your pants up, boy, you dancing with a demon
On my momma I been limiting my features
Filling swishers up with reefer
B_tch, it's difficult to beat him like a soft d_ck
Golf clique deep and we don't hit the streets passive
That n_gga Sweaty got the gas and Shreddy k brought the matches
Put your body down in water like a Lipton tea bag is
Switch to different f_cking whip to let them piggies speed passed em
It's the rats, try and get the cheese
What it do? Rap like I'm mincing meat
Call me Lou, if I'm on a track n_ggas skip to me
N_ggas want to fade me, b_tches feel some type of way for me
50's in my pocket falling out like f_cking baby teeth
Vince be with the rocket, he gone pop it when it's danger round
Fingertips to tapers, now, salute us when you face us
Give a f_ck about the moves all these loser n_ggas making now

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