Hive - Earl Sweatshirt feat Vince Staples & Casey Veggies

[Verse 1: Earl Sweatshirt]
Promise Heron I'll put my fist up after I get my d_ck s_cked
Quick buck, maybe a gold chain
With that f_cking flow that s-s-so belittles men
They tentatively tend to turn and go when I am finished
Stone cold, hardly f_cking with these n_ggas, n_gga listen
The description doesn't fit, if not a synonym of menace
Then forget it, in turn these critics and interns
Admitting the sh_t spit, it just burn like six furnaces
Written to fix learning them digits and simultaneously
Dispelling "one-trick-pony" myths, isn't he?
One adolescent, f_cking six n_gga energy
And crawling down 'Fax like a rich n_gga centipede
Crack ceramic and slap a hand out of cash account
Stamp and shouting, thrashing, these n_ggas done let the Kraken out
Crack-a-lackin, like snap, crackle, poppin' your ammo off
Hide your face, and throw your flannels off, Sweatshirt, n_gga

[Hook: Casey Veggies (Earl Sweatshirt)]
'87 roof top rising
Whipping hoopties, tryna boost raw chronic
Brutus in that booth, double scoop, hock vomit up, sub rocking
Thud knocking n_ggas teeth loose
Bruh, I don't f_ck with no cops (Rolling with that flow swamp)
Catch me over stove top (Rapping to that coke rock)
(Passionless in old Jive clothing with them doors wide open)
(Dim the floor lights focused) Like it's nothing, cause it's nothing, b_tch

[Verse 2: Earl Sweatshirt]
From that city that's recession-hit
With stress, n_ggas could flex metal with peddle to rake pennies in
Desolate testaments trying to stay Jekyll-ish
But most n_ggas Hyde and Brenda just stay pregnant
Breaking news: death's less important when the Lakers lose
It's lead in that baby food, heads try to make it through
Fish-netted legs for them eyes that she cater to
Ride dirty as the f_cking sky that you praying to
So here I sit, eye in the pyramid
God spit it like it's truth serum in that beer and then
(Poof) Disappear again, reappear bearded on
Top of a lear steering it into the kids' ear again
Provider of the backdrop music
For the crack rock user and the mascot Earl
Rawer than the skinned knee cap on the black top
Salivary glands lighter fluid for the matchbox
Striking, wait, wait, who the f_ck you badder than?
Boy oh boy, I'm bad as burnt pollo off the grill and sh_t
Spitter of the little Nick, nimble, rickrolling
B_tch n_ggas pick litter, piff-blower, plus I pillage sh_t


[Verse 3: Vince Staples]
Quit with all that tough talk, bruh, we know you n_ggas ain't about sh_t
Come around, we gun 'em down, bodies piled, Auschwitz
Bulletproof outfits, weapons concealed
I'm ready to kill, so test it, all my weapons is real
Selling thizz, couldn't tell him what the recipe is
Got 'em wishing that they never gave these weapons to kids, cheers
Send chills up spines of fat b_tches after
Shows throwing out sandwiches, n_ggas get it how they
Live and I live for money, other words, I'm getting money
Little boy told me when it's time to ride, they'll send them for me
Ain't nobody scaring me, n_ggas ain't prepared for heat
Tools hit like pool sticks, the way I cue sh_t
If this was '88, I would have signed to Ruthless
'94 would have had them walking down Death Row
First is when the best go, hate is what the rest do
Voice inside my head told me wet 'em if they test you
So it's raging water season
That yomper big as Larry Johnson, leave your momma seedless
Everybody hard until it's only God they seeing
Kittens soft but in they songs be trapping hard as Jeezy, I don't believe it
But to each his own, I ain't tripping long as I can reach the chrome
Heat your home like Southern California Gas, police pass
Tell 'em free Smalls, off Palm with the heat drawn
Strapped up long as the chief for police armed
Raised where the beasts are, north of the Beach
A couple streets past Baby Jay, bony n_ggas spraying Ks
Ruger with the pork face, Jewish for the court case
Here to save you n_ggas from the sorbet, Coldchain

Like it's nothing cause it's nothing, b_tch

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