Off Top - Earl Sweatshirt

Yo I gotta stop smoking backwoods
"How you doing?" And what's your motive, ho?
I only trust these b_tches bout as far as I can throw em
Trying to pay my momma rent, figure that's just what I owe her
I been trouble since I tumbled out that stroller
Strollin easy down this narrow path, beefin' with your scary ass
'Preme got my little n_ggas cheesing off the cherry ad
And n_gga that's a great lunch, poppa swamp and stomping with the skate f_cks
Heavy handing tracks until the day the f_cking train come
Raised up where every mouth that speak the truth get taped shut
Peep the evening news my n_gga, we don't do the same stuff
Kiwis couldn't take us, boy im jogging around these bases
N_ggas pitches need to change, I separated from my main one
It's just another day, another n_gga's b_tch to face f_ck
I been like this since the Motorola Razr
What a bastard that baby was, little mad n_gga missing dad
Never praying much
Right around the same time his grandmama drank a bunch
Take the bus, take a n_ggas seat like it was made for me
I got this n_gga Da$h with me
He sipping on some maple leaf
I'm only happy when there's static in the air cause the fair weather fake to me
Living in the scope, hairs crossed like adjacent streets
Dare a n_gga think it's sweet, never, b_tches funny boy,
you berries And you honey for the bear that's here to tear and eat
Run a n_ggas pockets like some errands make it hasty
Hope the sheriff keep away from me

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