Biscuits - Method Man

What? What you want?
Represent respresent represent
Yeah, represent, check it out check it out

Yo mama don' wear no drawers
I saw her when she took them off
Standin' on the welfare line, eatin' swine
Tryin' to look fine, with her stank behind
You can ask the b_tch and she'll tell ya fast
Meth-Tical got styles with his nasty ass

Are you ready, to face the consenquences and suffer?
I even tell ya mama you ain't sh_t, motherf_cker
Bring it, and let that killer be kid sting it
And represent, it's like heads up a brick, when I'm swing it
Get lost, I break you off something
I'm pumpin', like a Reebok, with a pimp, from the jump
And you was nothin'
Bet ya thought ya f_ckin' clan had ya f_ckin' back but they was frontin'
Smokin' dirt blunts and f_ckin' nasty stunts and
Ya take the naked gun without the bullet, what ya bustin'
Get ya ship sunken, f_ckin' with a drunken
Mast disaster at enemy rap functions

Huh, just an echo
Yoo hoo, rippin' rippin' in the valley
Yoo hoo, rippin' rippin' so to bring back
Sweet memories of you
And you can even ask your crew
Betcha bottom dollar that they tell ya fast
Meth-Tical got style with his nasty ass

Who said the Wu-Tang Clan? was it you or your man?
You wanna point the finger, I'll bring ya
36 chambers, be out, you's in danger
Let me pull ya brain outcha ass with a hanger
Didn't mama not tell ya not to talk to a stranger
Now ya got ya neck, in the noose, of the strangler
Just recline, keep the Meth in mind
I'll even test the knuckle check on the hands of time
What? and I'll be more than glad to bust that ass
All up and down the block, the street, the isle
Whatever, smokin' on a Spike Lee joint
Hey I'm mo' better, I'm hopin' n_ggas get the point
Cause they could never, stop the veteran, word to God
When I'm severin' the head of a mental vegetarian
The Method, at the weekend, with a whole lot of credit
The cuties I desire, I be the first to set it
Off, flame on like a human torch
Fantastic Four for all the fans in the store
You can eat it all and it'll tell ya fast
Meth-Tical got style for ya nasty ass

94 baby, word up, recognize, recognize
Wu-Tang killer be
The RZA and the Method Miza

Raider Ruckus, where you at?

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