Mr. Sandman - Method Man feat Rza, Inspector Deck, Street Thig, & Carlton Fisk

This is....(Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream)
Serious, the craziest
....d-d (Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream) da-da

[Verse 1 - Rza]:
Lyrical shots from the glock
Bust bullet holes on the chops, I want the number one spot
With the science, of a giant
New York defiant, brutal like domestic violence
Silence of the Lambs, occured when I slammed in
Foes grab their chairs, to be as Ralph Cramden
Others come with sh_t, as silly as Art Carney
But my Tetley triplizes, more kids than Barney
Never need for stress, threre's thre bags of sess
A damn I rest, playing chess, yes
My thoughts be sneaky like a crook from Brooklyn
When you ain't lookin', I take the Queen, with the rock then
I get vexed, layin' phat tracks on Ampex
Morph'ous God, gettin' drunk, off a Triple X
Violent time, I got more love than valentines
The violent mind, I blast with a silent nine

[Verse 2 - Inspector Deck]:
My hazardous thoughts to cut the mic's life support short
Brains get stained like tableclothes wen I let off
Powerful, poetry pushed past the point of no return
Leavin' mics with third degree burns
Let me at 'em, I cramp your style like a spasm
Track 'em through the mud then I bag 'em
We're screaming h_rdcore, hip hop drips out my balls
An I be raw, for four score plus seven more
I strike like a bowling ball, holding ya'll hostage
Like hail, electrifying the third rail
Peep the smash on paragraphs of ruckus
Wu-Tang (Clan ain't nothin' to f_ck with)

[Verse 3 - Method Man]:
Hot time, summer in the city
My people represent, get busy
The heat-seeker, on a mission from Hell's kitchen
I gets in where I fits in for head touchin', listen
Enemy, is the industry got me flippin'
I don't give a f_ck tel that b_tch and a n_gga
I'm killin', snipin', catchin' murder cases
Desert Storm-in, I be searchin' for oasis
As I rule a mile with a racist
Pullin, swords, hit the Billboard with a bullet
Peace, to the number seven
Everybody else get the fo' nine three eleven
(Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream)
I don't know what's going on
If you can take us there...

[Verse 4 - Street Thug]:
Yo, watch me bang the headpiece there's no survival
My flow lights up the block like a homicidal
Murder, underground beef for the burger
P.L.O., criminal thoughts you never heard of
I switch, the city never sleeps, life's a b_tch
I sh_t, runnin' through b_tches like Emmitt Smith
Caution, n_ggas best to be careful crossin'
The street, before they end up layi' in a coffin
Don't sleep, n_ggas tend to forget, however
Peep this, my n_gga Case lives forever

[Verse 5 - Carlton Fisk
What evil lurks in the heart of men?
It be the shadow, street life, flowin' again
I had to plot, scheme, I knew for sure
Only one kid would knock the hinges off the door
The jerk tried to jet, Sabrina at his neck
Thirteen pounds on the table plus a tec
Just when I said, "Where the f_ck's the cream?"
Another jerk came out the kitchen with the M-16
He tried to cock it, blast these shots like, rockets
Crushed his collarbone, ripped his arm out the socket
My move for the table was swift, I got my hostage
(The n_gga tried to stab you God) But I dodged it
N_ggas said, "Carlton, you's a ill motherf_cker"
Cause I made it look like they both killed each other
And I'm out

(Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream)
(Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream)

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