All Good - Mike Stud

[Verse 1:]
I think I'm stuck in the middle of never caring or caring too much
Too many of these after parties to ever pursue love
And you know that I've been chasing bills, Cosby
Tryna get top of the hill figures like Tommy
Cause real recognize real like we related
One night with b_tches that'd much rather be dated
I'm just faded, but it feel like we gon' make it
Team full of stars, my life's a constellation
Tyler got that new Ferrari, and Marcus went and got that Audi
And I ain't make it to my drafting day
Ain't got that athlete money, but the ass is great

Man, I swear it's all good
Yeah, I swear it's all good
Man, you know it's all good
She came with you, left with me
But I swear she all good
Yeah, I swear it's all good
Man, you know it's all good
I swear it's all good

[Verse 2:]
She thought I was a douchebag, but that's before she met me
Keep my circle small; they're the few that really get me
And my eyes are getting heavy but I'm pushing on
Come through, I got a list that we could put you on
I swear it's all good, and everything is kosher
My sex on the beach on the coast and yours is on a coaster
And you can say I'm doing better than before
You look amazing in that dress, but it'd look better on the floor
Now I should probably close the tab out
And I should probably call the cab now
I got a crib with the city in the background
Take you back now, make you tap out
Call your man now, tell him that you all


Ex messaging my phone now, asking when I'm coming home now
I'd rather do this on my own now, I really mean it
Cause f_ck love, that sh_t is inconvenient
I ain't got the time
I'm on my grind though, million dollars on the line - nope
I ain't sign, no
Cause every day I negate all the connotations
And people that try to hate and debate on my rise to greatness
But I swear, I swear it's all


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