Batter up - Mike Stud

Woke up feeling super cool
Next to a couple b_tches, but that's more or less the usual
Walking out this label meeting, told 'em I ain't signing sh_t
Bout to shut it down this summer, doing shows and signing tits
Woah, I'm in my zone
Chugging patron
I'm with my dogs and I wanna bone so call all your friends and bring them along
And don't come alone unless you want a lot of D
Yeah you came here with your man, but you're coming home with me, yeah
And that's just how I give back to the fans
I give them that D, okay now get back to your man

And she said, "boy I know your game, all you want is just sex"
Told her "you can get to steppin, I got girlies on deck"
"And just so you know, this a one time thing, so step up to that plate if you're tryna take a swing"
Batter up [x4]

Now she was front row, camera out
Instagram my show
Said my music's picture perfect, so she Instagram my flow
Then she came with us later on and she Instagrammed some more
Then we took some other ones, but she ain't Instagramming those though

But baby I'mma put it on you
I'mma take you Katie Holmes but then I gotta Tom Cruise
Packing Ashton in my cigarillo, yeah that's Kusher
I'm a witty fellow, sent naked pictures to my cell though

[Hook x2]

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