Closer - Mike Stud

Closer, closer
Closer than I've ever been
Closer, closer
Closer than I've ever been
I just know we getting closer [x2]
Closer than I've ever been

[Verse 1:]
I used to dream about showing the world what I dream about
Forget a mic, my whole life I thought it'd be the mound
I guess it's fitting how life threw me the curveball
Pops told me work till you make it, man, then work more
I guess I took that to heart
Cause I've been working harder now than I did at the start
And I won't stop 'till I get to the top
Till I can give all of my fam all the things that they want
But there ain't no doubt, I continue to be the doubted
But that's just motivating, so where would I be without it?
Cause the same people asking why you're doing it
Were asking how you did it
So f_ck a critic, stay committed to your vision
They can't see it, it's yours
The top floor looks far when you can't get in the doors
But it's crazy what you can see with your eyes closed
I swear I stay on my grind mode
I know I'm getting closer


[Verse 2:]
My whole life's been a chase, it's a gift and a curse
Was on my way up to the top and slipped into reverse
And the same thing I thought killed me brought out the real me
And that's real, see
You gotta find what you love and let it kill you
Just gotta live with the will like Uncle Phil do
Cause on the real, everybody go through times when the sun don't shine
Don't know when our time will come, but it will come in time
Cause yo, I said it first, ain't no telling where I'm headed
So this is for the people that was with me when I said it
And when I said it, I meant it
I swear I won't forget it
Told my family and my friends that I'm forever indebted


[Bridge x2:]
You start losing your mind when you're gone all the time and you always on the move
And you try to remind yourself it's gonna be fine
And you hoping that it's true
But I know we're getting closer


[Outro - Mike's Mother:]
Hi buddy, it's me
Just thought we might catch up before you got on the plane
But I just wanted to say hi, and you're hard at work I'm sure
Love you buddy, miss you
It was great having you home, okay
You be careful and keep in touch
And I'll track you and check on you
Bless you, buddy
Bye-bye, honey

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