Dose of You - Mike Stud

I can be your lighter, you can take me higher
And I just need a dose of you

[Verse 1:]
God damn girl, look at you kill it
Everything you do, got me like "oh"
Cause you the one that I'm feeling, you one in a million
I mean that, feel like I'm up in the rehab
You drive me crazy
No keys, so mean, got me feeling like a dope fiend, so OD
I like the way you wanna call the shots
Cause all of our relationships are like our favorite drinks
They always on the rocks
But girl I get it, girl I'm with it
Lot of girls around but no doubt that you're my favorite
Cause they play the game and you changed it
And that's crazy

I can be your lighter, and you'll be my addiction
Girl I just need a dose of you
You can take me higher, come fill my prescription
And I just need a dose of you
Girl you got me, and I just need a dose of you [x2]

[Verse 2:]
Okay, let's take a leap of faith
This could be our moment
Girl I don't play, I keep you up late like my name is Conan
Cause we young and we dumb and we loving life
And tomorrow might never come, so let's come tonight
Turn up like it's your favorite song, then I might just go take you home
And girl I know that I came on strong
But the good ones gone when you wait too long
Oh my, no lie
So tell me how that feels, got your head up high like them heels
Cause you the dopest, I need my doses, come on


Follow you like a religion, celebrate you like tradition
Let me show you what you're missing
When you talk, I wanna listen
Quit testing my patience


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