Just Fine - Mike Stud

How are you, how are you?
How am I?
I'm just fine

[Verse 1:]
Waking up, it's a beautiful day
Thank God for no cubicle, hey
Never that, sh_t I'm spitting clever raps
Got dirty things on my mind like a Devils hat
Head full of thoughts but my heart's empty
All these hoes' legs always open like Wendy's
So I drive through, I mean I slide through
My money tall dude, you like 5'2"
I threw the number 2 to school, no pencil
So we all on the same page like a Kindle
They go hand in hand, god damnit man
I'm the bomb b_tch, Afghanistan


[Verse 2:]
Gimme the microphone, let me recite this song
Then give me one night alone, in turn I'll give you the pipe to bone
That's why I write these, yeah I might be
Becoming the hottest f_cking topic overnight b
Snapback, fresh tee, and some quarter boys
All the girls tell me I can do it, Waterboy
I'm all that and a bag of chips
Bet you just can't have one when you having this
Stand clear, I'm the star of the show
Only here for the night, how far would you go?
Woah, she said let's leave, I said check please
Camera on deck, sex scene


[Verse 3:]
Life in the fast lane, barely waiting
Get a lot of lovin' so I glove it, Gary Payton
New place, new show, you know
Gotta stay strap though, I don't want no Junos
But for real though, I can't be slowing up
Not ready for that, I'm never growing up
Okay I'm blowing up, my haters kinda mad
But f_ck 'em all, now I got the crowd reciting that
Yeah, I'm fine and dandy thanks for asking
Style fresh to death man, where the f_ck's my casket?
Bastard, that's it, now the world respect me
Oh my, oh I'm so fly, jet stream


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