Just Let Go - Mike Stud

When we walk into the club, it's celebrity style
Takin' free shots like a technical foul, ow
Especially now, they had to hate it
Still a freshman even though I graduated
But I'm happy that it happened though
Cause what's first class if you haven't sat in coach
So I'm livin' life in the left lane
And I'm on the road like the X Games
It feel good to be relevent doe
Getting chedda, livin' better than ever
So, I'm livin' care free, I'm a rare breed
Game on lock, and I got the spare key
And she like that, so she come through
And she grab on Mike, check 1, 2
Damn right, this a hell of a life
On tour but we both gonna remember tonight

And she like good weed
And some cheap wine, just let go girl
We gon' be fine, be fine, be fine
Everything will be fine, be fine
But we ain't got no place to go
Forget what you thought that you know
Just let go, go, go
Just let go, go, go
Just let go
Just let go

Awwwww yeah
So tell me how you livin'
We on a trip, and they trippin', that sh_t is different
So tie your laces, I'm flyin' places for meetings
And shopping when I'm landing cause packing's an inconvenience
Now watch it all change up
Been on the come up but remember where I came from
I'm starting to make ends, I ain't worried about fake friends
Cause I'm chillin' with the same ones
We just havin' fun, and they just talk about a bunch of sh_t they haven't done
And I come from a small town with city dreams
Like girls in chuck tays and skinny jeans
And you fit the description
Forget about your friends, baby we should go missin'
So let's go, I got a car in the front
And you not a ho, you just know what you want, so come on


Baby, take them clothes off
I don't even wanna ask twice
Go ahead and put them lights low
So we can go all night
So baby take them clothes off
And girl don't make me ask twice
So tell me what you like
We can do it all night
Everything will be fine
Just let go

And she like good weed
Just let go, girl
You gon' be fine
Everything will be fine, be fine [x2]


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