Oh No - Mike Stud

No, no, no, no

It's Mike Stud, homie

[Verse 1]
If you ain't know I'm 'bout to blow
Like a motherf_ckin' sinuses
My green is f_ckin' doublin', homie
I ain't talkin' Ireland, I'm whilin'
Go so hard I'm violent
Wear emotions on my f_ckin' sleeve like a violin
Catch me on an island
Darrelle Revis, feel my penis
There you go, that's scary flow
He's comin' back around just like a Merry-Go
I'm better than ever with every letter
And headed for cheddar and ever so clever with every endeavor
Ahead of the lever you better remember the f_ckin' name
I'm havin' a lot of fun, competition, nada son
When everybody f_cks with you, it hard to be monogamous
Ridin' 'round in luxury, sorry you can't come with me
But sh_t gets extra shady when you underneath the money tree
So keep your friends around, drivin' Benzes now, I'm trendin' now
Yeah that's Twitter, but there is one thing to remember
That nobody gives a f_ck about your followers
Cause half the dudes with more than me could never go as hard as this

And we do this every day
Every time I come around now, this is what they say
They like oh no, oh no, oh no
Oh oh oh no
Oh no oh no oh no oh no

[Verse 2]
She said I should take her home
Well frankly baby I'll be happy to
Cause everytime I'm passin' through I'm packin' clubs like caddies do
I'm driven' like an avenue, these girls are freaky
Heard my CD, now when they meet me they try and DC like the capital
That means they tryin' to see my D
I got dimes like CP3
My life is like a DVD, yeah it's like a movie
I'm like Clooney to these younger chicks
I'm in charge like the government
I'm frankly on some other sh_t, so s_ck my d_ck, UHYUP
Now, none of these guys is rappin' facts
I ain't about that n_gga have it back
Swackin' lackin' passion
Dudes is lyin', Matthew Stafford
I am dapper, so they hate
I make what they hope to make
My nickname is navigation, I know the way, I'm over weight
No I'm not, my pockets is
Humble but I'm confident
Losing's not an option, b_tch
Catch me with the hottest chick
Drinks is cold like hockey sticks
Then I hit it, I don't f_ckin' kick it, no
Cause I ain't with that soccer sh_t
Bang, one shot to your brain
Now I think I'm done, mayne
Drivin' home drunk but I stay in my lane
Puttin' in work 'till I make my name
No it's not a secret I'm keepin'
I'm just beastin' with dip in, I'll keep it
I've been sweatin' just like Keith did
'till I'm on Seacrest on some G sh_t
In the studio I'm schemin'
While everybody's sleepin'
Only time I ever leave it's when I'm booked up for an event
And when I get to that event, I'm just drinkin' till I'm 2 daze, weekend

[Hook x2]

Bang bang bang
I like you man, you're crazy

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