Out Here - Mike Stud

[Verse 1:]
Do you like the way I make you feel or nah?
Reaching through my pants, what's your hands feeling on?
Girl I like that sh_t, invite that chick
Yeah girl you gon' ride with us
Know they said it's last call, but girl that don't apply to us
I'm smiling cause about to go down, no cellar
Met her out in Cali, Coachella
Said she wanna hang out again I said don't bank on it
Don't tell her, cause I heard about you
Yeah, I heard about you
I know how you get down every time a star come through
You the one they with when they in town, cause I heard about you
She sniffing that Coca-Cola, head spinning round like a roller coaster
Got some head, I'm supposed to show ya
Every time I spit girl it's Motorola, got bars like "brrr!"
B_tches call the celly up, do this on the regular
And they followed us from the show just to find out where the telly was
Real sh_t

I'm out here
They know us and they showed up cause we out here
I'm out here, I'm f_cking out here
They hate us but they stay up cause we out here
I'm out here, we out here [x2]
You can act like you don't know, but when I ask if you down to roll
Girl I know you are, I know you are
I know you are

[Verse 2:]
And they say "I can't believe how big you're getting"
Well no sh_t
If you don't like the cards you were dealt, then go fish
And that's what I did, so get off my d_ck
And if you're dope as me, why you ain't on tour where you supposed to be?
Hanging on your sister's wall where the posters be, that's me
Don't compare yourself to what you hope to be
F_ckboy, mad cause your girl tryna f_ck boy
Get off my nuts boy
Feel like I was born to do something grande
Now I'm out west, Kanye Delonte
And I'm gone off Bombay, today in the life
Same people used to hate and now they saying I'm nice
F_ck that, used to get to class on a bus pass, what's that?
See I came up but listen, last time I changed up I swear I was pitching
Still the same dude, just a different view
And Blue's right here, he's just with a couple b_tches in a different room


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