Submarine - Mike Stud feat Micky Blue

[Hook - Micky Blue:]
I'm sinking down, 20,000 leagues
To save me now, you need a submarine
Cause my heart is lost at sea
To save me now, you need a submarine

[Verse 1 - Mike Stud:]
I feel like there's no way to win
Running in circles and I'm searching to know where it ends
Or where it begins, over and over and over again
I keep believing your excuse
Drowning in your lies and I can't breathe a word of truth
And the proof is lack, and the room is black
One hit of you and we can go to the moon and back
I'm a lunatic, my life's in pieces and I need you to glue it back
But you're used to that
Cause you do this to everyone you've ever been with
It's like you're my parole, the way you're finishing my sentence
And I'm in this hole and it's endless
I'm broken and I'm hoping you can pick up all the remnants and mend it

[Hook - Micky Blue]

[Verse 2 - Mike Stud:]
You think you're the king of your own jungle
But you're lying to yourself
[?] me, you're [?] to my health
See, I hate you when you're gone but I love you when you're here
You're ruining my life, but I forgot if I should care
Cause even though you're wrong for me
I love that you belong to me
And honestly when you're gone, where you are is where I wanna be
And I should know better, enough is enough
Killing those who love me for the one that I love
But there's really no point in running away to get lost again
And I really don't care, I could die right here where the bottom is
I'm done with this

[Hook - Micky Blue]

[Outro - Micky Blue:]
Couldn't fight it, hit me like a perfect storm

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