Summer Swag - Mike Stud

[Intro x2:]
The summer's here and I'mma live free
Best time of the year, go hit the beach
Summer sun got me loving life
I'mma have me some fun tonight, right

[Verse 1:]
I had to say peace to DC, Arenas
Making a racket, Serena and Venus
Everything's lined up, something like a seamstress
Well not really but keep that between us
Middle fingers up, fans by the bunches
Quarterback at practice, you can't touch this
Swagger on a hundred, thousand, million
Catch me offshore on a island, Gilligan
Chilling in, sippin' on a beverage
F_ck being serious: having fun is the message
So we're chilling at the beach and forget sleepin'
This whole season is a f_cking weekend
Young wild and free, my whole life ahead of me
So I'm drinking heavily, steadily making memories
I said adios to what I was supposed to be
And now I'm me

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
Drinking on the beach
Goodies in the zip lock
Lose the heels girlfriend, but bring the flip flops
Life's a beach when your toes in the sand
Sun's hot so keep something cold in your hand
Pack the back seat, make the car drop
Presidential partying, yeah we make the bar rock
And this time of year, it's a fun scene
Tank tops, big shades and some sunscreen
Making wrong decisions, with all the right people
Yesterday was tight, but tonight will be a nice sequel
Welcome to the life man, I'm telling ya
Loving summer since Tommy and Angelica
Warm days, cold drinks, got my mind clear
Drink it up till I'm lit up like the Times Square
Yeah, then we do it again
Living life like a game and I'm shooting to win
He shoots... he scores

[Hook x2]

I'm still trying to have f.u.n

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