This Feeling - Mike Stud

[Verse 1:]
Ooh, what a feeling, it's the weekend, let it begin
Bad b_tches in my DM, you should see them
Run game like ESPN, yeah me and my bros
And a whole bunch of b_tches
Take'em homer like the Simpson
Cause we just wanna party and bullsh_t
Gave her the cue, now she all on my pool stick
Super wavy, surfboard uh
She turn up that's a turn on
Gotta see this sh_t to understand it
Living out this world and I ain't gotta plan it
I figured out I ain't got it figured out
No sleep, f_ck dreams rather live'em out

Just got me a whiskey bottle
I'll be drinking 'til tomorrow morning
And everybody on one tonight
Ain't nobody gonna kill my vibe
Can you feel it?
I know you feel it
Aww this feeling

[Verse 2:]
They like he so funky, weed so skunky
Not Andrew, but damn dude I feel so lucky
Cause I've been doing great, nothing fake
Who got something to say?
It's okay, I'm on the beach yelling "f_ck your shade"
Cause I got hoes on my right hand
Some more on my left hand
No, it's not a wedding but I am the best man to be with
Like G said "I mean it, " I love this feeling
And I ain't saying that I know the way
It's funny those who know that least got the most to say
And I figured out I ain't got it figured out
No sleep, f_ck dreams, rather live 'em out


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