Dondante - My Morning Jacket

In A Dream I Saw You Walkin
Like A Kid Alive And Talkin - That Was You.
In The Classroom You Were Teachin
On The Streets You Were Policing That Was You.
To The One I Now Know Most
I Will Tell Them Of Your Ghost Like A Thing
That Never, Ever Was.

And All That Ever Mattered Will Some Day Turn Back To Batter Like A Joke.
Behind Thin Walls You Hid Your Feelins
Take Four Legs To Make A Ceilin Like A Thing.
In A Dream I Saw You Walkin,
With Your Friends Alive And Talking - That Was You.
Well I Saw It In Your Movement
And Even Though You Never Knew It
Well, I Knew, Just How Sweet It Could Be
If You'd Never Left These Streets.
You Had Me Worried! So Worried - That This Would Last...
But Now I'm Learning - Learning That This Will Pass...

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