Into The Woods - My Morning Jacket

A Kitten On Fire. A Baby In A Blender.
Both Sound As Sweet As A Night Of Surrender.
I Know It Ain't Easy - But You Do What You Can.
If Your Livin Gets Weezy - You Can Follow This Plan:
Put In More Than You Could Ever Get Out.
I'm Tired Of The Talking - I Know What You're About.
Now Open Your Mouth - Here Comes The Spoon.
You're Gonna Eat What I Give Ya
And You're Gonna Like It Real Good.
1. A Riddle: I Went Over The River
And Into The Woods - Where Did I Go?
Where A Wood Buring Stream Flows Up Thru The Trees
Like The Soul Of The Hottest Kind Of Lover I've Ever Seen: "E"
One Who Lives To Choose Another Fool's Dream.
A Good Showerhead And My Right Hand
The Two Best Lovers That I Ever Had.
Now If You Find You Agree With What I Just Said,
You'd Better Find A New Love
And Let 'Em Into Your Head.

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