2 Girls One Pipe - Riff Raff

Yeah girl, you alright
Let me f_ck your friend, I might stay the whole night
I know it ain't traditional, but this is what I like
I'm talking two girls, one pipe
Two girls, one pipe

On the back of my Ninja bike, heading back to the Hampton's
Ain't no romancing, a lot of dirty dancing
Gotta go campin' for you to light my lantern
You can't leave your friend abandon, don't leave her stranded
Pull down her panties
I slap her ass, leave a hand print
Thong, Victoria Secret
If I tell you a secret, can you keep it
I like the way you speakin', ya'll should stay the whole weekend
I f_cked her, left her leakin'
Versace mattress was squeakin'
While I'm f_ckin', you could eat it
You next, so no sleepin'
About to jump out the deep end
Next week you should bring three friends


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