Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz - Riff Raff

[Hook x2:]
Tip-toeing in my Jordans
I done came down
Tip-toeing in my Jordans
Just copped a Porsche
Tip-toeing in my foreign
You motherf_ckers borin'
You sleeping on me, snorin'
Don't worry, cause I'm...

[Verse 1:]
What's up to my partners, what's up to my haters
I done f_cked around and sang a hook like Anita Baker
Neon Icon, 57 city tourin'
I'm first class to Spain, you still buying Ralph Lauren (Polo!)
Might rock huaraches in a photo, Porsche big body
My shirt say Versace, TV screen in my left pocket
I'm from California, but I done moved to Texas
My bad, I'm dyslexic in a four-door mango Lexus
At the titty bar, I ain't afraid to tip em
Me and Sergio throwing pesos at some strippers
Still rocking Js, still f_ck minimum wage
I just left neon rave, tip-toeing through my batcave, cause I'm...


[Verse 2:]
Tip-toeing in my Jordans
Waking up at the crack of dawn, webcam recordin'
All my girlfriends gorgeous, you probably can't afford them
My Brazilian twins got flagged and deported
This one's for them ballers who be rocking fresh Jordans
Security gate, finger scan, panther on the porches
Back door open, Otis pulled up in a Lotus
Used to drive a Focus but we're still rocking Jordans
California rolled shrimp, temporal
I'm rocking seven rings like my last name was Jordan
I'm at a slumber party, girls only, got you mad
But you can sleep outside, here's my Versace sleeping bag


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