Icu - Riff Raff

[Hook - Gorilla Zoe:]
I see you, now you see me
I see you, now you see me
I see you, now you see me
I see you, now you see me

[Verse 1 - Riff Raff:]
Hopped out the whip, ice got my lips frostbit
Boy I don't want your damn girl she got too many kids
My shoes, zirconia, hook like James Toney
I got infrared dots, the same size as pepperoni
Chilling in the post, Riff Raff known from coast to coast
I ain't talking bout that breakfast when I hit you with that toast
I'm gonna fly continental, shoes presidential
Acres aren't credentials, but my house is residential
I done swung river oats, the palace up in Dallas
Eating poochie salad, grape stains on the baggage
I done flipped cross the atlas, across the seven seas
Me and Licia' Keys push keys down TC
Jester, and I'm a wood wheel molester
Drop top compressor with my ken Uncle Fester
I done swung with the best of, swung through the breeze
I see you, nah you see me


[Verse 2 - Fat Pimp:]
Yes I'm high and I been smoking
On two pills so you know I'm rolling
Out my mind like Kurt Cobain
Bout to start slapping b_tches like my name Rick James
B_tches all on my d_ck cause I make a lot of money
I f_ck real good that's why they love my dougie
OB type of money, keep my pockets looking chubby
Fat, cute little n_gga, I ain't never been ugly
Heart of a hustler, mind of a G
Player hating n_ggas can't f_ck with me
Gucci on my body while they all jock me
And the chain on my neck land me a hundred G's
Dope boy money led me straight to the bank
Let's play a game, big back take little bank
Get like you? Nah, get like me
Tell [?] you need to let me Bobby B, hey


[Verse 3 - Riff Raff:]
Canary, Mercedes, crawling like a baby
Drank got me lazy, iced out feeling crazy
I feel cool, I feel straight, paper license plate
Like that boy Wayne Gretzky, Riff Raff bout' to skate
Down your street, down the feeder, tangerine Beemer
Clothes out the cleaner, I ain't thinking misdemeanor
I'm thinking kind of groovy, might move packs
I done popped trunk on your grandma's cul de sac
Riff Raff don't play, I'm a pro grade
I'm a' sit sideways at a Chinese buffet
She done drove down from Dallas, can't be mad at us
I took her to my room, you know, the pool palace
You see I know how to propaganda, [?] boys at [?] park with improper handles
The paint is egg nog, the seats is b_tterscotch
The flow irregular, freestyle un-orthodox


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