How to Be The Man (Houston Remix) - Riff Raff feat Slim Thug and Paul Wall

[Hook x2 - RiFF RaFF:]
Show you how to be the man, how to be the boss
How to come through with seven coats of the gloss
Show you how to be the man, show you how to be the man
Show you how to be the man, how to be the boss
How to buy the car, how to buy the house
Show you how to be the man, show you how to be the man

[Verse 1 - Slim Thug:]
I could show you how to be the boss
I could show them boys how we ride on that North
So clean top off, looking good
Still comin' down tippin' fours through the hood
Whipping on the wood in that c_caine Mercedes
Could buy another Mulsanne if I sold my chain
Old school Y-frame seven coats of the gloss
Thugga been the boss since I left Swisha House
Break 'em off
Top Texas, dry slabs breakfast
Wake up everyday to bad b_tches and wretches
Boss Life, better get your money right
Me and RiFF RaFF pouring fours in the Sprite
With your b_tch, burning bowls after light
Paul Wall called to say it's going down tonight
H-Town, North Side Thugga
I could show you boys how to hustle


[Verse 2 - RiFF RaFF:]
Yeah a chain with the charm, Versace car alarm
Roll though your city smelling like a thunderstorm
Teleport to Prom, python on my arm
But don't get me wrong I want the world in my palm
Call like inform, I'm crawling like a baby
Pop trunk on Antoine, I let it down in Katy
The candy grey Mercedes, I sold it at an auction
Rap Game Sadie Hawkins, got a ticket for jay-walking
If I had a option, I'd pick all of the above
Oriental rugs and I'm flier than a dove
You could show me love, or you can get lost
Four-story houses, I recline on Prada couch
Shark grill in mouth, better watch your language
Paul Wall and Johnny got me frozen like a penguin
Colder than a polar, Jody Husky sandals
Slide down 45 in the black licorice Lambo


[Verse 3 - Paul Wall:]
I show you how to get muddy on sunny day
Drop a soma in your soda if you want to play
Pour a four in a twenty like a shot clock
48 for the watch, hundred dollar socks
Getting money is an understatement
I pay the Corvette for the matching bracelet
Half a million worth of jewelry, it's high maintenance
Even full of more meds than a cancer patient
I could show you how to grind like a brake pad
I got a hundred acre island with a helipad
No key, start the car with an iPad
Drink stains on my shirt is the new fad
Sh_t don't stink, underwear made of mink
Big Moe, purple soda, ain't never pink
Have you ever mixed a two-liter with the pint?
I could show you how to drink 'till you faint

[Hook x2]

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