Can We Chill - Riff Raff

I know you got bills to pay, you know I got bills to pay
But can we chill? Can we chill? Yeah
I'm only here for today, I'm only here for one day
Can we chill? Can we chill? Yeah

Kitchen sink
I can Sharon Stone, Basic Instinct
Might think pink, rap game Pink Panther
I done wrote a poem on some damn deer antlers
Camp counselor, crawlin like a mouse
She done hit the beach in a see-through blouse
Watch me dip, should have worked at Frito
Now I'm incognito in the Volkswagon Beetle
I can ball, Danny DeVito
In this game, I got more cheese than Chester Cheeto
Wife beater - lay snug across my torso
Now I'm in the dough like a chocolate chip morsel


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