Chargers - Riff Raff

Ballin so hard, so hard
I could of played for the lakers

Freestyle lieutenant, Might be the sergeant
Never had to bargain, Could have played for the chargers
Ballin so hard I could have played for the Lakers
Threw so many touchdowns could have brought back the Raiders

Change up the flip, lights out the rent
Pull up with the grill it's the freestyle dentist
Might be a chemist, windows slightly tinted
Might Clark Kent, if iceberg is a menace
Changed up the cargo, used to deal antlers
Now we in Chicago, Rap game Ryan Sandberg
Pull up Sammy Sosa, can't lose composure
Wake up like folders, chop the block like a dojo
I'm flipping in my skin in anaconda skin
Benz just me and my kin in the salamander skin
We ain't with the mix, hawaiian linked surface
Now she getting nervous cause her phone out of service... Riff


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