Chop Another Rock - Riff Raff

[Hook x2:]
Should I roll another half
Drink another beer
Chop another rock
Should I pop another pill, yeah
Should I pop another pill, yeah

Yeah I'm a little sexy, but I drive a jet
Broccoli corvette shining like a Chia pet
Shining like a spoon
Album dropping soon
Waking up at noon, rap game Warren Moon (Touchdown)
Slide like Ernest Givins
Stay up out my business
Talkin' all loud, get your ass dismissed quick
Light on a saber
Born to stack paper
34 at half time, rap game Christian Laettner (Swish)
Shoulda bought a yacht
Chose to sniff a ship
Pop another pill while I'm taking foreign trips
Watch me like this
Watch me in my circle
Watch me caress your TV screen, Nike commercial

[Hook x2]

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