Don't Wait - Riff Raff

[Hook] (x4)
Don't wait on me, you can't be up all night
My life is never boring, don't sleep until the morning

Up early, I stay up late
I make sure not to wake you
3 A.M. and the wolves arrive
Full moon, I start to howl
Hungry now, stomach growl
Nocturnal, sleeping owls (yes)
Used to love, go the extra mile
Now it's 5 A.M., still on the prowl
James Bond with the shadow face
Exchanging dreams in the sunset
Move the heart, play for keeps
30 virgins in the Bentley Jeeps (yes)
In the Bentley Jeeps, 30 virgins in the Bentley Jeeps (ay)
And the heart's not cheap; give it away, I wear it on my sleeve

[Hook] (x2)


[Hook] (x4)

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