I Can Tell Stories - Riff Raff

I can tell stories, got too much to tell [x4]

I can NBC, like that girl Connie
Might just run for Mayor like Rudolph Giuliani
I could talk alot, got too much to tell
Used to have a girl who worked at Taco Bell
Watch me clean glass, like Ben Wallace
I done graduated from Versace Junior College
I could sip drank, icy toes Eskimo
Fifty grand below, poppin' pills in the North Pole
I could slang heat, like a piece of pizza
I done wrote this flow on the back of the Mona Lisa
Trade to Pensacola, syrup out the soda
Bout to bring the dice out, Jody Highroller
Might buy two states, North and South Dakota
Chain lookin' sick, ebola... pneumonia
Pop a few yams, sweatin' in a Hummer
I could trick-or-treat in the candy corn pumpkin
Bonsai leaves in the b_tterscotch couch
Emerald green chain smells like brussels sprouts


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