Sour & Gunpowder - Riff Raff

[Hook] x2
Sour n gunpowder
My pocket smell like sour n gunpowder x5

[Verse 1 - Riff Raff]
Tell me what they said, never mind I'm rockin' Nike
B_tches wanna fight me and their girlfriends wanna dyke me
You don't wanna ice me, snow mobile, seven sear
?? carot, could've played for the sears tower
Movin' round the globe and I should've been a globetrotter
Girls are like world stop, now they wanna stop me
B_tches wanna top me, but it cannot happen
Motherf_ck rappin' got an album dropping every week
Now I got these tensions, maybe superstitious
Play 'em like some battle, black chain look like Slimer
You a one timer, don't call my phone again
Hit 'em like a aerosol, leave 'em on the asphalt

[Hook] x2

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