Versace Python - Riff Raff

[Hook x2:]
As the days keep turning
As the world keeps burning
As my soul keeps learning
Tears fall from the castles around my heart

[Verse 1 - RiFF:]
Paperboy, top noise
Now I'm in Chinatown, bok choy
Should've took a pill, Clamicil
The way I ball that I could've played for Vanderbilt
When they talk me down
They gotta speak up
When they say my name Jody
They talking bout Jody
Talking Jody Highroller
I keep the syrup in my soda

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 - Wiz:]
Wild like I'm on bathsalts
Keep giving them what they ask for
Grind hard now my crib looks like a castle
You ain't f_cking with Khalifa, man
Gettin money in everyway
TGOD we are popping
Go on tour and they hearts stopping
Can't tell if my car moving
Macs feel my car dropping
Ball til I ball like I'm Kobe
Got the underground locked I be low key
More to come

[Hook x4]

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