Ayia Napa 2006 - Skepta

[Intro Skit]
Oi listen this is Ayia Napa 2006 yeah
Man is locked up blud, some p_ssyo done a lot
Bif up Cammio, Gavin, Ratty
All the madem that come up to check man
This is serious sh_t, you're listening to the sounds of the cell rude boy
Hear the echo chamber
Hear the p_ssy boy that be chatting bare, chatting bare stuff
Frisco is locked up in, [?] me laughing
But your locked up cuz, in Ayia Napah by yourself
With the Swedish Norway man (laugh)
[?] Skepta into the [?]

You can hear me laughing like it's funny innit
It's not even funny, never, ever get arrested in another country
All these guys talkin 'bout, "kill informer that", "bun informer this"
And he's a full time snitch
Listen to this
Man got rude to my bredren Fris
He shoulda got a couple slaps
I dunno what made me take his [?]
Next time I'll drink a soft drink instead
Hennessey and Sambuca go straight to my head
I went jail, thought I was dead
Cockroaches walking on my bed
I was paying for a parked off [?]
Boy better know, I'm lucky to get bail
Was looking at a three year sentence in jail
24 hour bang up, never got mail, what
I was munching tuna, cucumber and tomato [?]
Minna came to life, Desperado
Big up [?], Ol tight Frisco's lawyer
I can't go jail I'm the king of Grime
And I will be for a very long time
Cause I go to the rave get a rewind and the second line never sounded like the first line
Go on

Yeah big up Frisco, Jaybo, Olly, Simon, Presto [?]
Ol tight Jamie by brother
Big up Maximum
Ol tight Cammio
Ol tight Chantelle [?] bare love
Ol' tight Nat, Rebecca
Send out to Denzel, [?], Nadia
Go on then

[Outro Skit]
That for me?
(You want it?)
Yeah, thanks
You gonna put that in the fridge for me?
Gonna put that in the fridge?
You have mobile phone?
No that's not mobile, that's a, Walkman
To play music yeah yeah
To listen to music
He's been teaching me
Get what I'm saying fam
Get what I'm saying (laugh)
This is my cell mate George, you're listening to Greatest Hits
Oi George, say something, this is going on my album in England
Say something innit
Say something!
(Just I'm not [?])
Ay don't watch that yeah
George is the livest guy bruv yeah
Skepta, shut your mouth
Greatest Hits

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