Disguise - Skepta feat Jammer & Jme

[Hook: Skepta x2]
Transvestites, more than meets the eye
Transvestites, mandem in disguise

[Verse 1: Skepta]
You thought it was a girl cause he had a handbag
You didn't know it was a next man's grandad
Don't rush into things rudeboy
Take some more time, check out the jawline
Now you're high off the herb you bun
So walk away like me, Jme and the Murkle done
Make sure it's a red light - not a blue or purple one
It's called the Red Light District, also known as the Concrete Jungle
You thought you was talking to a girl
You didn't know it was a next man's uncle
That's why I'm warning people
I repeat, I'm warning people
So if you're still making a mistake, don't try and blame it on the New York Diesel

[Hook: Skepta x2]

[Verse 2: Jme]
They're not girls, they're guys! They're mandem in disguise
They tried it on the sly, with that purple light
And their eyebrows high, like a permanent surprise
Robin Hood can fly, but not these men in tights
I don't blaze, I don't drink - my mind is clear
I know what I think, I see they're looking at me in the window; they wanna take man's P
I've got no qualms with your sexuality, but why are you trying to trick me?
When I go home, back to reality
I'm gonna spread the word to the pickney

[Hook: Skepta x2]

[Verse 3: Jammer]
Don't be fooled by the make up, cause it might not be a girl when you wake up
Just because he's got long hair, high heels and a little bit of cleavage, leave it
Look properly, it's needed
Stay away from the mushrooms
You've gotta stay focused, it's needed
And you're gonna be weeded
And you're gonna be running the Red Light District
So beware of the purple lights
Some of those girls ain't girls; if you look properly, you'll see they're guys
They're men in disguise
You better open your eyes
If you go in the blue door don't be surprised, they're mandem in disguise

[Hook: Skepta x2]

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