Two Plus Two Pt. 2 - Skepta feat Frisco, Jammer, Jme, KJ & Shorty

[Hook x4]
Me and my mandem are making paper we don't care about you
Wanna kill him better kill me too
It's so easy like two plus two

[Verse 1: Skepta]
My circle's tight like a virgin
All I ask is keep it G with me
If you've got a problem speak to me
Never link none of my exes secretly
If it's beef with you, then it's beef with me
So if I die by the gun
And you don't wanna ride out - don't tweet rest in peace for me
I treat all the mandem equally
Beef, they know that I'm backing
Cause I ain't really into talking, b_tch, I love the action
Yeah, he's not about that life, man catch him in traffic
I'll manually drag him out of his automatic
Two man sitting on a wall
Two man playing two touch with a ball
One man with a lighter trying to light a spliff, while the other man's taking a pull
That's my mandem
Think you're a badboy? Try jack them
I don't give a sh_t blud, I'll slap them
Thought you was a big man? Fight back then
Them man are p_ssy'oles, got no balls
You can see that I get money even when I don't rob no jewels
Man chatting sh_t on my timeline, that I don't like
So I report spam and I block those fools
I don't care about badman, f_ck them killers
You've got a name on the road but you ain't got nice figures?
Us man are some catwalk n_ggas

[Hook x4]

[Verse 2: KJ]
Yo, I was born in this cold cold world, now I'm walking
Down this long long road, yeah it's hard in the hood
Chest and bone, real life fam, not no TV show
It's a London ting, fighter glow
Nine to five if you get no dough
When I spit it's always deep bars and flows
Like Skeppy said, you can't be the average Joe
Let me tell you how we roll
North London through any bits, fam, we'll stroll
Got a team behind us that keep it cold
Real from head to toe, not from West
Through South
Through Leytonstone
Catch with Shorty or Frisco
North London, we keep it grown
Small but road, real, that's how we roll
A Boy Better Know

[Verse 3: Frisco]
Light up the cheese, inhale, exhale

[Verse 4: Jme]
Even when you're broke, you've got more money than sense
Don't roll with no funny-man friends
Us man tryin'a get rich, since 05, I gave up tryin'a get hench
Man's got nothing to hide, don't keep sh_t bottled up inside
Instead of fighting each other, we fight the pride
If there's a problem nobody has to ask if a next man's down
The same guys on the mic will cause mayhem in a next man's town
If one of us gets caught and ends up in court and they try send man down
This ain't X-Factor but man's definitely going to the judges house

[Verse 5: Shorty]
So many Snakes, so many fakes, you better mind out who you roll with
I love my people, yeah they know this
You can't trust nobody in Showbiz
Girls do anything to get noticed, man talking sh_t to my closest
Now the circles tight cos we closed it, I don't wanna see a new face when I roll in
We're the best, the man have been cloning
Who's doing it like this unsigned?
See your real friends there when it's crunch time, I bet I'm punching yours if you punch mine
I bet I'm making more than you dumb guys , Some man are not sure with the punchlines
If you're talking war then it's gun crime, light up your face like sunshine

[Verse 6: Jammer]

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