Listen up - Skepta

[Verse 1]
Listen up, listen up
I'm a Welbourne warrior, Saint Paul soldier
Northumberland park, next door neighbour
Eskimo raver, Elston visitor, Meridian resident
See me in Manny with President
Showaman or south soldiers
Don't fear olders, I never had youngers
Age ain't nothin' but numbers
My seventeen year olds roll with pumpers
I'mma temple tourer, champagne pourer
Winchmore warrior, Class A courier
Grime scene ambassador, Duppy maker
Four four saviour, Ally Pally jungle raver
Entry ticket and a pourer
Fresh hair cut, with a side partin' and a border
Selby Centre explorer
Private caller ignorer
Go on then

[Verse 2]
Everybody knows Skepta, I'm about
I should change my name to beadle
In a dance I get evil
I get so many reloads, somebody better bring another needle
I'm Dizzee Racal, Kano, Wiley and Lethal, the sequel
I'm back to business, playtime's over
I've gotta stand up tall, represent my home sweet home for my UK people
Listen up closely, pay attention
(I repeat), pay attention
I blaze any one of these guys just give me one mic, one blue rizla and a Benson
I'm not an easy clash, ask [?]
I flow darker than my skin complexion
Now I get big man money like I was claiming a pension
But you're one of them boys from the past who gets asked a question, hasn't got the answer
Now you're looking in all different directions
Asking your mates for suggestions
Little did you know, nobody knows the answer
So now you're asking the host of the show to pass the question
You better than me, that's taking the piss like a two and a half hour detention
Go on then

[Verse 3]
I call my album Greatest Hits
'Cuz all my old music is better than your latest sh_t
Yeah he's alright, but I like the basic sh_t
I don't like too many words in a sentence in unreal
Two weeks on remand, I don't talk like I done a life sentence
Nothing to prove I shot food on the baitest strip
Long body Mondeo's, bright red XR2's, bagging up in the baitest whips
Now I make the best Grime music
Some man run up in the booth and lose it
Start spittin' like Dipset, D-Block and G-Unit
Kano brought a new flow to the game
Now I look around, ten million emcees in the Grime scene wanna use it
It's my job to make 'em look stupid
I bury emcees on pirate radio
Spit a big boy sixteen bar
Hot like tar
Hotter than Trinidad and Tobago
And man know what I'm like on a stage show
Four best crews in the game, I'm doin' it again
Them kinda lyrics send man up to the sky with two wings and a halo
None of these emcees want war with Skepta

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